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Veronica Bottoms – fat bottom babe

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Veronica Bottoms bottom heavy beauty I was checking today how Veronica Bottoms fans are finding their way to my fat bottom blog. It seems quite a few people are searching for bbw Veronica using the search term "Veronika Buttoms", but still finding their way here. Veronica's modelling name very definitely is Veronica Bottoms but I thought Veronika Buttoms was kind of cute too. As long as you are a fan of bbw Veronica you are welcome here!! Today's Veronica Bottoms pics are a real contrast to her modelling image for CJ Wright's XXX bbw site. At CJ's site Veronica was very much a plump glamour puss, heavily made up and dressed to seduce. Today's pics show a more natural fresh freckle faced bbw Veronica Bottoms posing in white bra and lacey panties showing off her huge curves.


Veronica Bottoms – hairy bbw pussy

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Veronica Bottoms incredible bbw curves wrestle to escape the constraints of her sexy satin corset as she spreads her huge fat hairy bbw pussy for a balls deep filling of cock. Veronica's big bbw butt and plump tits jiggle as her juiced up fat minge gets a rough pounding from every angle possible before she kneels down for a mouthful of warm cum for dessert!!


BBW Facesitting – Veronica Bottoms movie

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bbw facesitting

BBW Facesitting movie featuring Veronica Bottoms

A blog visitor recently asked me if there is a site where you can find all Veronica Bottoms movie to buy. The answer is Adult CD Universe who stock an up to date catalogue of all of Veronica Bottoms DVD movies and videos. Just enter "Veronica Bottoms" in the search box using the "star" search option and you will get a list of her stuff.

One of her most recent DVD movies Gigantic Face Smothers I am sure will be a "must have" for both bbw facesitting fanatics and big butt lovers. Veronica Bottoms is joined by fellow bbw newcomer Vanessa Blake and a whole host of big fat bottomed babes for this hardcore big butt sex flick like no other you've ever seen before. Make sure you check it out soon by clicking on Veronica's bbw facesitting pic above.

Veronica Bottoms – ultimate fat ass fantasy babe

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You've seen the pic now check out the movie!!

Well what can I say but wow!! It looks like our favourite fat ass bbw Veronica Bottoms got the job of turning the sausages on the barbeque. Veronica joins Goddess Kring,Tessa Mason,Sasha NYC,Mariste Roxxx in her latest hardcore fat sex movie directed and starring Rodney Moore of Scale Bustin' Babes. Veronica looks stunning as always and this is definitely a DVD you'll want to be adding to your Veronica Bottoms collection – click on the pic to check it out now.

BBW Veronica Bottoms with CJ Wright – XXX Fat Sex Pics

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Veronica Bottoms fat sex pics


I'm not sure if bbw Veronica did her first hardcore sex scenes with CJ Wright did but these are definitely some of the first images of Veronica Bottoms that made me stand up and pay attention.Veronica is all glammed up with her big sexy curves squeezed into pink leopard skin lingerie with a tiny sheer thong to make a good impression on CJ. Her killer seduction outfit has the desired effect on CJ who rises to the challenge. Now one of the things I really like about Veronica Bottoms and one of the reasons I think she is going to a bbw porn star we see a lot more of in the future is that despite being a very sexy big voluptuous woman she is incredibly flexible. This means she can get into sexual positions even some skinny chicks would struggle with and it's obvious from the look of sheer pleasure on her face that she isn't faking and genuinely has a high sex drive.

Want to see exactly what I mean?? 



Veronica Bottoms – Masturbation Movie

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Veronica Bottoms truly is a big giver of pleasure and that also extends to pleasuring her own big fat hairy bbw pussy. When there isn't a real cock handy to pump Veronica's plump pussy she can't resist sliding a vibrating sex toy between her bbw pussy lips for a fat rippling orgasm. You won't believe how much of that vibrator Veronica manages to stuff inside her hairy snatch.


Veronica Bottoms – BBW in a thong

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Jumbo butt lovers prepare to be turned into a quivering jelly by this set of free bbw pics of Veronica Bottoms posing in a red corset and matching thong. What is it about a bbw wearing a thong that sends us oversize ass addicts into meltdown?? What ever it is the sight of Veronica's big fat white ass cheeks perfectly separated by that thong does it to me every time! Think you can resist??


Veronica Bottoms – sexy fat ass bbw sex pics

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BBW Addicts sexy fat ass bbw Veronica Bottoms has been at it again with the folks at BBW Depot  falling for her charms!! Fat bottomed babe BBW Veronica just seems to get more stunning with every new movie or set of pics I see of her. Posing in a corset with one of the tiniest thongs I've ever seen a bbw ass in Veronica gets the desired response to her outfit and she's soon on her knees with a big fat mouthful of cock before being flipped over to take that cock ball deep in her big fat hairy pussy. Veronica being the nasty bbw we all lust after turns to the camera spreading her fat ass cheeks to ensure you get the best view of her bbw snatch getting nailed.


Veronica Bottoms – free bbw pear interracial sex pics

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 Free Veronica Bottoms pics – interracial bbw sex

It was only a matter of time before one of the best bbw sex sites on the net BBW Superstars cottoned on to the fact that they had yet to shoot the juiciest bbw pear on the net, the bbw all bbw addicts are raving about ofcourse Veronica Bottoms. In todays free Veronica Bottoms interracial sex pics Veronica is in the mood for some heavy hardcore sex. Snacking on that throbbing piece of dark meat is just for starters!! Veronica then moves on to the main course as she spreads her mighty thick thighs wide wrapping her big fat hairy pussy lips around that black shaft until her lucky lover can hold back no more and gives her the pumping her plump bbw pussy craves.

Veronica Bottoms – Interracial BBW Movie

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CLICK to see bbw Veronica in action!!

Veronica Bottoms addicts just a quick update to let you know Veronica has a new movie out. It's called "BBWs Gone Black 5" and features our favourite bottom heavy babe bbw Veronica with 4 other cock loving plump sluts going hardcore with a selection of big black Mandingo cocks. I've also got Veronica's latest pics from fat ass porn site CJ Wright XXX to share with you so keep an eye out for those too!

Veronica Bottoms – big fat hairy pussy

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Veronica teases in some cheeky upskirt pics before peeling off all her clothes in today's free Veronica Bottoms pictures. It doesn't take long for her to start spreading her creamy white thick thunder thighs to reveal her delicious big fat pussy and believe me Veronica has a plus size pussy worth seeing. Alright I have to admit I'm totally biased when I say this because I think all of Veronica Bottoms is worth seeing!

BBW Veronica defies current fashion trends for shaven pussy and sports a wonderful full hairy bush showing she's a true redhead with matching collar and cuffs. Some really hot close up shots of Veronica sliding a blue dildo into her juicy plump snatch.


Veronica Bottoms – bbw posing in lingerie

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Rodney Moore is a man with great taste – his working hours are spent having sex with some of the hottest women on the planet, splattering them with his cum and recording all the action to fill up his bbw megasite Scale Bustin' Babes. Nice work if you can get it!!

This picture of bbw Veronica is from a recent update at Rodney's site which shows Veronica spreading her thick thunder thighs to wrap her hairy fat pussy lips around a vibrating friend. When I saw this pic I just had to share it with you; Veronica's fat thighs are just parted enough to send my brain into over drive and if you click on her pic you can find lots more free Veronica Bottoms pics at Scale Bustin' Babes free tour!!

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